Special Education Parent Mentor Program

Cloverleaf Local Schools Department of Special Education is pleased to announce a new parent mentor program available for parents of our students with special needs.  The parent mentor service is available through the Educational Service Center of Medina County and is free of charge to families.

Contact Info:

Cheryl Mendel      Cell: 330.421.1475    Email: cmendel@medinaesc.org

Here are a few ways that the parent mentor can support our families of students with special needs:

The Parent Mentor will:
 Provide information, support and resources to families and school staff on education laws, district programs and services and community resources.

 Help parents and staff understand their rights and responsibilities related to Special Education.

 Guide parents through the IEP and Special Education process.

 Listen to concerns and provide support on an individual basis.

 Act as a liaison between the families and school staff

 Attend school and other meetings at parent, staff, or agency request.

 Provide materials to assist parents and professionals.

Click HERE for more information about Cheryl and the parent mentor program.

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